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Having a baby

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Preparing to add a human to your family is Daunting (with a capital D, for sure). It can also be Exciting and Scary and Fun and Cute and Hard. This bundle is here to save you some hours on the Hard front, and hopefully dampen the Scary and the Daunting a bit. I've done this, and I'm sharing every ounce of research and preparation I did (which happened to be a lot!)

Spreadsheets included:

  • Pregnancy Timeline & Checklist
    • 1st Trimester
    • 2nd Trimester
    • 3rd Trimester
    • Baby Prep Class Schedule
    • Pregnancy & Leave Calendar
  • Healthcare Provider Comparison
    • OBGYN/Midwife (primary care)
    • Doula
    • Pediatrician
  • "Go Time"
    • "Go Time" Checklist
    • Hospital Bag Pack List
  • Childcare Comparison
    • Daycare
    • Nanny
    • Babysitters
  • BP Log
  • Birth Preferences Workbook
    • Birth Preferences
    • Fear/Anxiety Mitigation
  • Parenting Principles Workbook
  • Reading List
  • Shopping List & Clothing Brands
    • Full Shopping List (every product you need)
    • Baby Clothing Brand List
  • Gear Comparison
    • Stroller
    • Car Seat
  • Gift & Thank You Tracker
  • Postpartum Workbook
    • Prep Checklist
    • Shopping List
    • Coping/Self Care
    • Help crew
    • Favorite Takeout List for Meal Train
  • Sleep, Feed & Pump Log
    • Pumping Log
    • Feeding/Sleep Training Log
  • Child Health History
  • Solid Food Shopping List
  • Baby Proofing Checklist
  • Babysitter Notes
  • Family Friendly Restaurants & Breweries Tracker

Customer Reviews

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Sharanya Sridhar
Comprehensive list

Great list. Love that it includes everything you can ever think of.

Early Planning

We found this while talking about future plans, we plan to use this and Definity recommend to anyone who is an early planner.

Put my mind at ease

First time mum here and was overwhelmed where to start planning. I love a good spreadsheet and being organised so I did some Google searches and came across this website. It was an absolute life saver and probably saved me hours and hours of research! Communication was great when I had questions. Absolutely amazing value for money and couldn't recommend Caylee's baby spreadsheets enough!

Gave me confidence with pumping!

Our little one came three weeks early and breastfeeding was off to a rough start after my c-section, 7-day hospital stay and lack of support from hospital lactation consultants. Once we brought our baby home, we started tracking all pump sessions, and the "Big Stuff Sleep, Feed & Pump Log" really helped me visualize how much I was producing vs how much our baby was consuming. We had been supplementing formula and with this data, I was able to see my progress in our pumping schedule and make adjustments to start closing the gap between what I was producing vs having to supplement. I feel like I now have a far better grasp on what my baby is getting and how we can make feeding him breastmilk work for our family. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these AMAZING resources!!!

Just do it!

I'm a first time mom and couldn't possibly recommend Caylee's Baby spreadsheets with more enthusiasm - just do it! One of the hardest parts of pregnancy (for me) was constantly feeling unprepared, including the constant paranoia of not having the right "stuff" and systems in place for when baby arrived. Caylee's spreadsheets and examples take the guesswork - and anxiety - out of so much pre-baby planning and gave me peace of mind and resources from a mom that's been through it all. Thank you for doing this Caylee!!