We've planned, budgeted, executed, and documented all The Big Stuff — planning a wedding, getting a pet, having a baby, buying a house, starting a business, getting a new job, and more — and we're sharing our hard-earned resources with you, to make your experience a little bit easier.

Meet Caylee

For better or worse, I'm that person who makes a spreadsheet anytime I need to make a big decision, manage an ongoing project, or track something that I want to better understand with data.

I started sharing some of my resources with friends, and when they found them useful, I decided to share them here. As I go through major life events, I chronicle my thoughts and experiences in the blog, and share every spreadsheet I make in the shop.

It brings me great joy to enable others to save money, make more informed decisions, find new products they love, and stay happy and present while planning for important milestones in life, so I hope The Big Stuff can bring you one or all of the above.